Journey Together: Families, Schools, and Communities

Once again VET Center Romania had the pleasure to become part of an Erasmus Plus project. On the 26th of October VET Center Romania was invited to join the Journey Together: Families, Schools, and Communities, a strategic partnership based on an educative innovation experience developed project, held in the Ady Endre school in Saint George.

School dropouts and insufficient expertise to enter the labor market after graduation are common problems in many European countries. Educational workers from Italy, Portugal, and Estonia gathered to discuss and find solutions to those problems. The project’s focus was to find ways and ideas how to involve parents and students more in school activities and any kind of programs taking place during the school year. Social awareness needs to be raised about the Erasmus Plus internship possibilities and the benefits it gives their participants.

VET Center Romania presented the benefits it has to offer in the field of VET within Erasmus Plus projects. Our wide list of internships gives the possibility of international work experience to students in over 40 professions and makes them more competitive by entering the labor market after graduating.

It was a pleasure for our team to get to know vocational education and training schools from Estonia and Portugal and we are looking forward to our next meetings together in the future.

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