Renewable energy - Job shadowing

All kids of renewable energy playing a significant role in today’s world. We are happy to have been host and part of a great international project in reference to this topic. One of the participants was Ireneusz Szlendak from a Polish VET school-Zespół Szkól Zawodowych nr 2 im. Leona Wyczółkowskiego w Rykach who joined a 3-days job shadowing dedicated to renewable energy.
Ireneusz shared with us his personal feedback on this experience, thoughts about the activity and hopes for the future.
From 08 – 10 August 2022, I had the pleasure of participating in a short-term learning mobility for staff (job shadowing) in the framework of vocational education and training. The host organisation was VOCATIONAL EDUCATION TRAINING SRL. in St. George, Romania. It was an intensive few days. According to a predetermined schedule, I observed the work of the organisation in terms of the application of modern organisational solutions, technology and computer programmes as well working methods. In international company, I visited various sites and facilities. These included the sewage treatment plant and biogas plant, the Modern House KFT house factory and the landfill and sorting plant for the Covasna district in Saint George, as well ECO BIHOR SRL which is taking part in the BIO VILL programme, using renewable energy sources to heat public buildings. The sites visited allowed a close look at modern technologies, machinery, equipment, materials and also an observation of the organisation and execution of work related to the use of construction facilities and renewable energy equipment. It was a very interesting and edifying experience for me. I think I will transfer many of the newly learnt practices to my own work, and the international contacts I have made will have a positive impact on the increase of my language skills, development of my social, personal, professional and cultural competences. The trip was quite short to get to know the city and its surroundings in detail, so I hope to go back there again.